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  1. Start by clicking on the class name you would like to submit to after logging in to Turnitin
  2. Click on the Submit button to the right of the assignment name
  3. Select single file upload from the choose a paper submission method: pull down menu
  4. Once the requirements for single file upload have been reviewed, students have a choice to upload a file from:
        1. the computer
        2. Dropbox
        3. or Google Drive

Click one of the submission buttons and then select the file

  1. Click upload to upload the file. A status bar will appear displaying the upload progress
  2. Review the preview panel. This is a text only version of the paper being uploaded. Confirm it is the correct version of the file to send
  3. Click the “submit” button Warning:¬†This step must be completed, or the submission is not finished. The paper will not be available to the student or the instructor.

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After the submission has been completed on step 7 a digital receipt is displayed on screen. A copy is also sent via e-mail to the address for the user login. Save the receipt and the paper ID it contains, as this is proof of a completed submission. The digital receipt contains a unique paper ID number, the name of the user profile submitting, the paper title given by the submitting party, the assignment title, and the e-mail address for the user submitting, as well as the body text of the file submitted.

Note: Originality Reports for any re-submission that is made in an assignment that allows re-submissions will require an additional twenty four hour delay to generate.

The help texts are taken from Turnitin UK. For more help please Click Here.